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 Posted: 02-24-2017 07:17 pm
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I too started with the 3597 adapter, but since I wanted a Nardi wheel (same as Momo bolt pattern) I flipped it over so it wouldn't travel too far down the shaft, peeled off the useless copper horn contact panel, drilled two holes for grub screws to activate the turn signal reset.

Then the fun began. To get enough depth for the steering shaft I had to use a 1" Chinese adapter which had the wrong bolt pattern (Forever Sharp) and a .5" adapter which could have gone from Grant to Nardi, cut out its center and countersunk the Forever Sharp bolt pattern to take 5mm allen screws. See attached pix.

Total price $24+$14+$12 all on eBay, plus a couple of bucks for screws. Now the Nardi wheel fits and everything works like it is supposed to. Horn on the left column lever was actually an advantage in this situation.

Attachment: JH nardi wheel adapter front small.jpg (Downloaded 78 times)

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