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 Posted: 02-03-2016 09:47 pm
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Let me toss in a couple of comments. In early 2015 I decided to see if I could find a nice Jensen. Most of the ones advertised are projects and I was looking for the nicest one possible. I found one on E bay in the Phoenix area and called Delta to see if they could recommend a place for a pre purchase inspection (PPI). Mike answered the phone and said he'd be happy to look at it. I flew down to Phoenix and met the seller and Mike at Delta. He spent about 2 hours on the car, pointing out all sorts in interesting details. He gave me a list of things the car needed and a candid/private assessment. I passed on the car. A few months later, same routine, he did a wonderful job of assessing the cars pros and cons. the seller sold it out from underneath me. So I kept looking. Found a third one that appeared to be in California, but really was burned out from the process... But wait, it is in Phoenix. So I called up Mike a third time and he again exceeded all expectations. I purchased the car and had Mike so some maintenance items before it was shipped to me. Mike is a stand up guy and I highly recommend his work and Delta Motorsports