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 Posted: 02-27-2015 11:23 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497 wrote:
I'm thinking you need to start at the beginning and make sure that your ignition, timing, plugs, wires, compression etc are all correct before you touch the carb's, (that's the general rule of thumb).Sounds like you have a few systems that could be just simple things, once you have them correct (including the grounds) then look at the carb's, first and easiest would be to see if they are pulling the same air draw thru the barrels.

Brett, I've gone through the ground straps, re-set the timing, checked the plug wires, and changed the plugs, and balanced the carbs (via curbtune). When I pulled the old plugs (see picture, plugs are in order 1-4 from left to right) the plugs on number 3 & 4 were extremely fouled, so would that indicate a problem with the rear carb (dellorto 40)?

To review how this all came about and what the symptoms are that I'm having, the car was running great a couple months ago. Then we had about a month of rain and the car sat under the cover for the whole month. When the rain stopped and I went to take her out, the car spit and popped and struggled mightily through lower RPM range, and has since. At around 4000rpm, she comes to life and runs great. What's my next move?

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