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 Posted: 02-07-2015 04:56 pm
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On December 16, 2014 I had my 74 1/2 JH transported to Delta Motorsports in Phoenix for service and to replace the pilot bearing. I did this because the car has low, original miles, is in very stock, original condition and I could not find a shop here in the Las Vegas area that I felt confident would do a good job on my car. My thinking: Who would know more about JHs and what better place to have any part that might be needed than Delta Motorsports? Although I don’t think he normally works on JHs, my car was so stock and original that Delta Motorsports owner Michel DOLimpio graciously agreed to the job. I was thrilled! Think of it, the owner of Delta Motorsports, where we all have purchased hard-to-find original and replacement JH parts for years, is working specifically and ONLY on my car! I told Mike to “Take your time. No rush.” Ha! These proved to be the longest days of of my life. Being without my car. Waiting, day after day, worse at night. Mind games! To help get me through these rough days was Mike’s reassuring email to me: “I know its hard to be away, but she is in good hands.” On 2-4-2015, I got my car back and was I shocked! I had no need to worry about anything. It looked exactly the way it looked before it left, even after it’s extensive servicing. Everything was perfect ... do I say, even better? Yes! In some cases, better because some components were updated. All new hoses, lines, belts, bushings, etc. More than I could have ever imagined. The car was completely serviced and and inspected. Nothing major needed to be replaced but after 40 years, some things needed attention. Now my JH runs and feels like it must have when it came out of the factory. Mike did a spectacular job! If you can, and he agrees to work on your car, in my opinion, TAKE IT TO HIM! Mike is awesome and to say the least, the best JH guy around! I’m very satisfied. His final email: “I do believe we are all done and again Thank you for letting me perform the repairs on your wonderful Jensen Healey.” Believe me Mike, the pleasure was all mine :)

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