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 Posted: 01-04-2015 09:40 pm
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Thanks for the suggestions. It's really hard to actually *see* down in under the distrib cap, let alone actually get it off because of the location, but I was able to unclip one side and get some wd-40 in there and then blow it out.

That seemed to help quite a bit, particularly from a dead stop. However, it still skips and hisses at constant acceleration and struggles mightily on the power side of things, like if I'm trying to get up a big hill in first, I have to hammer it down and can barely go into second before I crest the hill (keep in mind Bay Area hills).

Finally, I don't know if I mentioned it, but starting is a real chore. Just getting the engine to turn over is really sluggish and sporadic. Starter was replaced last year, but it's not like a constant turnover like you'd expect, but more like what you'd get if the battery was almost dead (battery replaced last year also). Any other thoughts?