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 Posted: 12-28-2014 11:41 pm
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So, I had 11609 under a cover for about a month due to all the rain in the Bay Area. When the weather finally broke, I was able to start it, but now the acceleration really struggles, like the carbs (dellortos) aren't getting enough fuel. When I go full throttle (and I mean only at full throttle), she sounds perfect, but anything less than that and it's gurgling, sputtering, and slight backfires. Also, if I'm starting from a stop, I have to rev up to get going or it sputters and stalls a bit before catching up, and continues to do that in every gear.

Background info:
I had a similar, but less pronounced problem about a year ago and it turned out that when I switched to the Dells, the fuel pump couldn't keep up with the demand of those carbs, so the new pump is only about a year old and was working fine before the layoff.

Also, I pumped some gas out to see if somehow water had gotten into the fuel, but saw no water.

I changed the fuel filter, but still have the issue.

She used to start right up under full choke, but now that's a struggle, too.