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 Posted: 08-21-2005 07:10 pm
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Problem is...I can't locate replacement stainless steel pieces, Making one out of stainless would be almost impossible, basically because of curves and contours. The originals were obviously stamped, which requires a press and corresponding dies. Perhaps this is why they are so thin... to conform to the contours. Fiberglass is time consuming ONCE. Then you can make one or as many pieces until the mold breaks down. It could be painted black, or to match the vehicle. A fiberglass copy would perfectly match the original, and could be reinforced for more rigidity.

So...if you can find me a good condition stainless replacement, I'll buy that and forget the whole idea, gladly. But i'm striking out and am guessing other folks are too.

I once thought of a wooden dash cap for a Lotus Europa. I gave up on it. Way too complicated. Again, fiberglass would make one or a hundred!

Thanks for your help. you have a source for a stainless cap? If you say British Masters I swallow hard. I know I'm new to Jensens, but their prices are quite high for my wallet. I'm accustomed to a Lotus group where people help one another and the sources aren't so expensive. Oh and demand!


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