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 Posted: 07-27-2014 01:20 am
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I have just started replacing the old original seats in my JH with some seats from a 1987 Pontiac Fiero.
 The bottom foam was shot and the backrest was showing wear as well ..Local upholstery shops wanted in the neighbourhood of $1500-00 /pair of seats to redo the original seats with fabric .I don't like the black vinyl and want something less likely to burn flesh or I may have used the Delta MS re-upholstery kit

So I looked at the alternative which was  to source some used seats  with good covers ,hard to come across a seat that would fit the car and have a nice cover !
I had started out looking at Mazda Miata seats  simply because the seats and new seats skins were so readily available from this car  and I did like the idea of speakers in the headrests  .

I had settled on Mr Mikes as the source for the replacement seat covers as they have a good custom selection and are geared towards DIY kits

I called and talked with Mike and he suggested that Fiero seats while getting hard to source  were a very good alternative .Well that same evening I found a source locally and picked up the seats for $120.00 /pr
Well the fabric was un-torn until I touched it ,seems the UV has done its job but the foam was still good .

I spent the day installing the drivers seat and found the fit was tight but not much more than the originals maybe 1/2 " wider .
I thought to use the original seat tracks as they worked well ,but the Fiero seats were going to be problematic to adapt to the new seats .
I experimented a little and placed the seats in what would be the proper position and found that they fit  quite nicely and were not too tall as I had originally suspected .Good thigh clearance under the steering wheel and good seat height
I was able to utilize the  front mounting nuts by slotting the outside seat mount hole by 5/16th of inch  .The rear mounting bolts needed new holes as the runner is about 1" longer than the original and 5/16th wider .
If you still have the original seat belt mounting on the inner portion of the rocker panel you will not have a clearance problem .I had moved my seat belt mount to the floor when I installed new rockers a decade ago and had to relocate them to clear the seat back adjuster mechanism
The seat feels  lower than the original (originally in 73 )and  the angle on the seat front worked out great .

I plan to drive it this way for the rest of the summer and refinish the seats this winter