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 Posted: 07-20-2013 12:52 pm
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Video from the first run of the second day, which is the last run I got in before the car got bent. At 1:28 in I go through the corner where the crash happened.

In the next video, at 1:48 in you can see the launch from the above run. At 17:48 my bud launches for his ill fated run and at 18:06 there is an absolutely stunning McLaren Can Am car. The guy was paddocked across from me and I got a good look, it is a real McLaren not a replica car. 600 HP small block Chevy with mechanical fuel injection! No, he wouldn't let me drive it.

The car is fixed but unfortunately can't make it back in August. I plan to run some AXes and then the Wolf Ridge Hillclimb next May, I might do a PCA track event in September too.

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