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 Posted: 03-22-2005 02:39 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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I installed one of Delta's brown carpet kits about four years ago.  It went in easily enough, everything fit reasonably well, I haven't had any trouble to date with fading or wear, and I'm actually rather fond of the color.  It's entirely possible that the difference between Judson's experience, and mine, is related to an improvement in materials over the intervening years.  Of course I do keep the car garaged, and don't drive it all that often, nor, most likely, as ambitiously as Judson does.

That said, if I had it to do again, I'd give some consideration to a custom installation, solely because I'd prefer to do things somewhat differently than the way Delta chose.  This is merely personal preference and should not be considered a complaint about Delta's carpet kit.

Judson is quite correct in noting that one would have to find some form of padding for a custom installation.  To that I would add the caution that one should make absolutely certain that the material selected is guaranteed not to emit a significant quantity of toxic fumes in the event of a fire.  It's my understanding that this is a requirement for aircraft upholstery, so you might want to become acquainted with suitable choices by talking to people in that field.