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 Posted: 03-29-2013 12:09 pm
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I just replaced an old shrunken vinyl top on my 73  with a Robbins Canvas top ( .  The front of the top never seems to be wide enough to cover the front bow but overall it came out pretty nice, even with no soft top experience.  What I don't understand is  my top has a curved steel bar sewn into the rear edge of the top that catches under two chrome fingers that hold it down.  There are no snaps along the rear edge of the top, only on the sides and around the windows.  The top cover has this bar installed as well.  The new top does not have this bar  installed  and must be removed from the old top and installed in the new one. I can't imagine not having that bar and catches and trying to secure a top with just  snap buttons and velcro.

A top can be loosened by unglueing the top from the front bow and reglueing it a bit looser ( allthough it might not look the same along the front edge).  Use contact cement and let it dry out  a bit before  applying.  You can also remove the top frame and elongate the mounting holes to allow the frame ot sit lower on the car. This also allows you to adjust out any sags later on.

FYI , I made a snap button installer out of a metal c clamp that works very well installing the button part of the snap.  The base part that the button sits in was JB welded (epoxy glue) to the foot plate of the clamp and the little rod driver was welded to the screw part of the clamp. It makes a nice job of riveting the button parts together, and can be used with the top installed on the car.

At any rate I would look into installing that bar and hold down fingers on the back of the top.