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 Posted: 03-28-2013 12:09 am
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I agree that you most likely have a shrunken top .My 10 year old Robbins was shrinking width wise ,length was not a problem as it gets put up everyday so stayed stretched .

My New Robbins top doesn't fit all that well either ,doesn't come down low enough to trap the side glass .(but that another story )

The fasteners you were considering I have know as "Common Sense Fasteners " a term I thought appropriate .The big disadvantage I see is that they stick up so high and installing them in that thick vinyl would be a bear of a job .I'm a boater as well and have a couple of these in the cockpit holding up a sheet bag and have lost some ankle skin to them from time to time .

I would suggest that your current snaps are worn out and  it might be easier to renew them