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 Posted: 03-19-2013 04:25 am
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I have been lurking on this site for some time as I tinker with a 1972 Jensen Healey I brought home about six months ago. I purchased it to drive while completing my MGB V8 project.
JH purists may want to avert their eyes from the following. I really disliked the cracked up dashboard on my 1972. It already has a Ford V6 in it that purrs like a kitten so take it or leave it. I also appreciate the Lotus engine. This car just happened to have the V6 in it already.
Anyway, the dashboard was a cracked up mess, so I pulled it out and fabricated what you see below. It is not complete quite yet, but I will post more pictures when the gauges go in.
I am replacing all of the stock gauges with a set of two multi-gauges that are somewhat similar to the ones pictured here:

The primary benefit of doing this is that the speedometer on these gauges is a hot start GPS unit, so I will not havee to calibrate it to work with the transmission that is now in the car. Plus these look amazing.
Here are some pictures of the partially welded dash which is awaiting gauges, switches and leather trim;

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