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 Posted: 04-23-2012 06:43 pm
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Actually the "Lotus" 5 speed is a "BMW" 5 speed and a "Toyota" 5 speed is the "preferred" 5 speed.

I hope this cleared things up for you.


EDIT:  OK, that was a bit cruel so here it is.


The five speed that was installed int he later JH's was a BMW sourced item.  The final drive ratio was close to the same as the 4 speed.  There was no real advantage when you got to the top end, just more work in the middle.


Lotus also used the Toyota five speed transmission in Lotus branded cars. This was the same one used in the early Supra's.  This does have a decided mechanical advantage for cruising as it knocks the final drive down by  a several hundred RPM when on the highway.  If you go to the club store you will be able to see adapter kits and transmissions for sale there and that should give you a good all around glance at what is involved in the swap.

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