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 Posted: 08-23-2011 02:13 pm
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Oil leaks have been my constant companion lately and I may have found a solution for one of them.   Getting valve covers to seal properly without leaking is somewhat of a crap shoot. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Since the bottom edge of each cover is required to seal  under a pool of oil  the bottom edge is all important.  When you first put the cover on with all of the gaskets and sealers you will notice that the cover can rotate a bit around the round parts on the ends.  If the screws on the upper side are tightened first  the cover rotates away from the bottom surface.

My dea is to tighten all screws hand tight  and alternately snug down upper and lower screws. when all are snug, loosen the uppers and tighten the lowers  several times until the cover no longer rotates downward. This worked for me with paper gaskets and semi hardening permatex.  I have had semi success with different gaskets and sealers and figure that the secret is in the tightening sequence.

let me know if it works. I would be interested to know if retightening  a leaking cover  would stop a leak.

hth  Dan