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 Posted: 07-09-2011 01:05 am
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Here's the final chapter:
Put everything together with the proper gaskets and Eureka, Oil pressure, Lots of it. Fired up with a cold start pressure at about 55lbs. So it seems obvious that the gasketing after my initial cleaning was the problem. However the mystery remains as to what caused the initial loss of pressure. My best guess would be the Oil Pump Housing gasket (the .004" mylar one) or the Dist seal, both of which were replaced. (The housing gasket came off in pieces)

On another note, yes you can bench test an Oil Pump. I set the whole assembly on a workmate bench, used a piece of thick wall 3/4" OD plastic tubing, wrapped some electrical tape around one end so it fit snug in the oil pick up and the other end in a container of oil, taped off the upper hole to force the oil toward the filter passages, and use my DeWalt cordless with a 6mm alan driver in the chuck to drive the pump.
On the first attempt the tubing was too long (in the real world the pump only draws up about 8-10"). With a shorter tube I was able to make a huge mess on the lower shelf of the workmate.
Thanks everyone for your input!

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