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 Posted: 06-27-2011 08:50 pm
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Well.... Yes, I'm positive we were spinning the pump the correct way, and yes the "O" ring on the dist is intact but no way of knowing if it is sealing other than the evidence that car does not seem to have been leaking oil at the dist mount, but then I guess once it looses its seal there would be no oil pressure nor oil to leak. (?)  There is a very small hole at the back of the housing behind the inner rotor and drilled parallel to the drive shaft that I presume is the bleed hole from earlier discussions, it is blocked but appears to have been blocked for some time (really solidly blocked), and another larger hole (maybe .080 - .125 dia) angled up and looks to terminate at the gasket.

Edit: We did have the dist mounted but without the cap in place.

Looking at the rotors... If I saw these at a junk yard I'd buy them. No discernible signs of excess wear (car has 104k mi).  The housing where the outer rotor spins shows some sign of scuffing but so little that there is no ridging between where the rotor spins and where it doesn't.  The rotor fits with maybe (haven't measured yet) .010 clearance to the outside wall.

Any ideas on how to bench test the pump??  Would I be able to spin it and just feel if it was drawing a vacuum?

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