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 Posted: 06-27-2011 12:50 am
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OK, so its got to be the oil pump.
today we lubed up the bypass plunger with molly/graphite grease, and put the pump housing back on.  I had a right-angle drive for a power drill and put an allen driver in the chuck and used that to the drive the pump at 1200 rpm with the oil filter off, (figuring that the oil pump sprocket is twice the size of the crank sprocket that would be equivalent to 2400 engine RPM). Not a trickle of oil pumped out.  We removed the Aux housing and using the shop vac, duct tape and plastic tubing, we easily were able to draw oil up the pickup pipe. (at least I don't have to pull the engine again.)
So what can go wrong in such a simple mechanism as an oil pump? All I can think of now is if the inner rotor is somehow no longer being driven by the shaft.  Even worn rotors might drop your pressure some but we went from good pressure too zero.