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 Posted: 06-23-2011 11:41 pm
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So  last night I tested the gauge, (it's working), pulled the oil pump housing, (the bypass plunger and spring are free and moving, I'll grease em up anyway). This weekend I'll put the pump housing and dist back on and give it a spin test with power tool. Not feeling very optimistic.

After that I guess the next step is to pull the Aux Housing and see if I can draw up any oil manually (I'm thinking high tech – tubing, duct tape and shop vac).  If not, then there must be something wrong/clogged at the pickup pipe.

Then it's time for that garden hose clamp, tubing and a long spring  q:)

This is driving me bonkers. There aren't that many parts to the system. A pool of oil, a pump and some passages. Is it possible for a blocked passage to stop the pump from working?

Oh BTW, when I put stuff back together I've been making paper gaskets and using a bit of gasket sealer instead of using Permatex silicon. Greg got me worried about goop squishing out to the inside and fouling stuff up.


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