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 Posted: 06-21-2011 09:29 pm
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The oil pump consists of a rotor pressed onto the shaft and secured with a circlip, an annulus piece and the housing. I have never actually heard a really failed one, but I have seen a picture where the annulus had broken into 5 pieces or so. I would imagine it to be noisy.

Access to the top of the pickup pipe is easy once you have the aux housing off, the hole is 3/4" or so in diameter. To have a look at the pickup the sump must be dropped. I would not recommend trying that with the engine in place, although I think Dan (Florida) actually did it.

My priority would have been to check the condition of the sump contents, on my "new" engine the pickup filter screen was 2/3 covered in old gasket material and other gunk. It still had good oil pressure, but needless to say I cleaned it well. I think yours may be really clogged with old gunk.

Another idiot mode question: are you sure the gauge is working? Have you tried connecting another gauge?