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 Posted: 06-19-2011 02:28 am
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OK, everybody PPG has our paint in thier computer.  Just went to my local Lacquer Distributor Inc., because they mixed me RM Inc. Paint 30 years ago and hoped they could still do it.  They no longer caried RM but I gave them the Factory Paint code and there it was.  So for the Tangerine here is the skinny.

Manufacture: Jensen
Brand Code: 72139  Main Layer 72139
OEM Code: 8483
Description: Tangerine
Mixing Scheme: DURACRYL (DDL Leaded)
VOC Reg. 5.07 lbs/gal
VOC Act. 5.07 lbs/gal
Variant: PRIME
Revision Date: 11/26/1990

I have the actual mixing data if they can't find it from this.  Not all shops may carry the tints needed.

1 quart cost $138



Greg Moore