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 Posted: 07-13-2005 06:00 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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The shift lever gaiter is a simple piece to make.  All you need is a small amount of new vinyl (or other material) in the color of your choice, a decent sewing machine, and someone to operate it. 

First, you must undo the screws at the rear of the transmission console and lift the console up so you can gain access to bottom front of the console.  Next, undo the screws holding the gaiter assembly in place, and remove the gaiter assembly from the car.

Prise the original fabric from the D-shaped sheet metal ring at the bottom of the gaiter assembly.  Next, split the sewn seams along the side, and at the top where it forms the tube for the tie.  This will give you a flat piece that can be used as a pattern. 

Cut out the new fabric in the shape of the old, fold over and sew the ends of what will become the tube for the tie, insert the tie and sew the tube, then sew the main seam along the side.  Attach the new gaiter to the D-shaped ring with contact cement, and once this has set, punch holes in the fabric for the mounting screws.

Assembly, as they say, is the reverse of removal.

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