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 Posted: 04-02-2011 10:41 pm
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Hi Art

I was lucky enough to get a GT centre console at the same time. I bought it all a few years ago and only paid £250 - a bargain I think. My car is a very early Mk1 and the original interior was very plasticy and cheap. It badly needed to be replaced in its entirety.

I think you'll have wiring changes too on a LHD car. A lot of what I did was moving things and also making good use of the spare switch and indicator light holes. The GT has lots of things that a JH doesn't - A/C, heated rear window. For instance, I have an electric rad fan so I used one of the spare switch slots for a manual override.

I've done lots of other upgrades as I've been rebuilding the car, so this is one of the many changes.