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 Posted: 03-26-2011 02:44 am
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Having just done this with kudos to Jim DeClerck for directions, here's how I did it...

1. Remove the knob and locking nut on the shifter.

2. Set the parking brake and block the rear wheels to prevent rolling.  Jack up the front high, install jack stands on both sides as wide on the frame as practical.  Same on the rear.  Get it high enough for you to get under the car and use tools.  Plug in the drop light and place it under the car.

3. Using a socket wrench remove the 4 bolts/nuts holding the drive shaft to the rear flange of the transmission.  This will allow easier access to the 2 bolts securing the shifter assembly to the rear of the transmission body.

4. Gently twist open, rotate and slide the sleeve that fits over the center of the trunnion unit.  Remove the .235" diameter pin that secures the trunnion to the end of the transmission shaft.  It should slide out easily with an appropriately sized punch.

5. Remove the nut at the rear of the shifter body that connects to the rubber vibration damping mount.

6. Remove the 2 bolts and at the front of the shifter assembly that attach it to the rear of the transmission body. 

The entire linkage should now be removable down below the car.