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 Posted: 12-30-2010 06:36 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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This is another case of you-get-what-you-pay-for. The carpet on the dash, is well, it looks like carpet on the dash. I guess it's better than a thrashed, cracked dash, but you are not getting style points for aesthetics.

The dash cap is a pretty nice option, most people would not look close enough to see it's not original. It looks good and is a considerable improvement over what damage may lie underneath. A lot of value for the money with this one.

Just Dashes cost much more because they take the time to make it look as close to perfect as it can be done. Doing ten dashes takes ten times more time than one dash, so I can't see any discount in numbers on that. I've seen a JH dash from Just Dashes and it indeed looks better than the original factory dash in perfect condition. It is very labor intensive and it is 100% custom work done by a person that knows what he's doing. Quality work will always cost more. If you need a dash redone, you're restoring the car to high standard and you plan on keeping the car, then Just Dashes is the way to go.