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 Posted: 11-15-2010 09:36 pm
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I ran into the same problem with the factory paint code and had to have the paint scanned by Finish Master in San Rafafel CA for a match using Dupont Chromabase paint (no longer available in CA but still OK in OR and NV). What the paint store came up with as the closest color, is the 2005 Chrysler "impact Orange" code PV5 used on the Dodge Challenger. For 2 quarts of base coat paint it will take the following:

853J     Red Orange                       368.3

884J     LS Red Oxide                     549.2

807J     LS Black                             629.1

886J     Opaque Red                      662.5

801J     HS White                           684.4

150K     B/C Balancer                    1617.5

175K     Binder                               1762.7

I hope that helps. Good luck

Francis G