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Jensen Healey & Jensen GT Model Information

The Jensen Healey and Jensen GT were built by Jensen Motors Ltd. of West Bromwich, England from March 1972 until May 1976. A little over 10,000 convertibles were manufactured during this time. Some of the last Jensens to roll out the doors were the Jensen GT ('76 model year) of which a scant 509 were produced. All Jensen Healey and Jensen GT automobiles came equipped with the brand-new 2 litre, 16-valve Lotus built 907 engine. Home market and European destination cars had twin 40mm Dellorto carburetors while U.S. Federal destination cars came with twin Stromberg carburetors. Jensen Motors numbered the JH starting at 10000 in 1972. 10000-13349 are Mark I cars. 13500-20504 are Mark II cars. 18900 + VINs also have the JH-5s mixed in. Jensen GT numbers started at 30000 in September '75.

The Jensen Healey debuts in March '72. Original cars have a simple but pleasant interior; plastic center console, no wood on dash board (72 only) or wood on glove box, rubber floor mats, black interiors (a few early cars are seen with tan interior) and square-cornered headlight cowls distinguish these models. Very early cars will have the noteable absence of a passenger side door lock (quickly added on the '73 model year) and auxillary oil filler canister mounted to firewall in engine compartment. Some early cars have no oil cooler as well.

Jensen Healey, 1972 - 1973 (Mk l)
March 1972 - May 1973

Numbers manufactured - 3,356

In 1974 performance and mechanical specification remain the same but the trim level is upgraded throughout; wood facia is added to the dash, padded center console, floor carpeting & additional bright work details added to exterior. Round cornered headlight cowl with one piece front wings most notable "Mark II" feature. High quality, double skinned, factory hard top and dealer installed A/C introduced. Steel rear bumpers stand off body a few extra inches compared to earlier models- in preparation for the soon to come impact bumpers seen in "74 1/2" cars as well as 5-speed transmission. '74 at left has steel bumpers and aftermarket Panasport wheels.

Jensen Healey, 1974 - 1975 (Mk II)
August 1973 - August 1975

VIN 13500-20504

Numbers manufactured - 7,142 (includeds all JH5s mentioned below)

The JH5 Mystery–
Many (but not all) 1975 roadster models see the JH5 badging on the side. These cars have impact bumpers and 5-speed Getrag transmission. Most obvious change is special combination JH-5/ Union Jack badge in place of J-badge on front wings. Numerous small details under the hood include viscous fan clutch on radiator fan, new upper radiator hose intake from water pump to radiator arrangement, catayltic converter and additional "improved" exhaust emmission package. There is no offical VIN or month cut off for the JH5, earliest sightings are commission dates of Dec. '74. Factory build cards offer no clue to when or why JH5 models exist.

Jensen Healey – JH5
December 1974 - August 1975
approx. VIN 18,900-20504 (concurrent with non-JH5 MKII)

Numbers manufactured - unknown

Jensen goes "up market" with GT hardtop. Donald Healey departs Jensen Motors, hence dropping of "Healey" moniker. Jensen GT has revamped badges to reflect this. Smooth, quiet, refined– the GT offers luxuriously appointed full, burl wood dash and factory installed air conditioning for all U.S. bound models (all Jensen Healeys with A/C were dealer installed). Sticker price in U.S. crests well over $11,000, astonishing the motoring public at that time. New Look paisley interior seat surfaces seen in a few cars are unforgetable. GT is rushed into production (resulting intensive labor costs burden the already overtaxed company) and even though Interceptor models shore up sales, time is running out for Jensen Motors. Wildcat strikes, continual parts shortages, inflation, a shakey financial footing, and bad economic conditions all contribute to closing the doors of Jensen Motors in May, 1976.

Jensen GT, 1976
VIN 30000-30510
September 1975 - May 1976

Numbers manufactured - 509

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