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Wheels > Original Dunlop Wire Wheel lug nuts (5 replies - 12610 views)

A few Jensen Healeys had dealer installed Dunlop wire wheels. These original wheels had long, thin steel lug nuts that were quite unique and that ...   05-16-2005 10:22 pm

Cooling > The JH Water Pump (4 replies - 9710 views)

Good point Kurt! It's always so sad to see this kind of damage that can easily avoided by some simple maintenaince. Remember that a very ...   05-09-2005 01:04 am

Miscellaneous > Jensen Healey Window Sticker/ Invoice (1 reply - 4551 views)

I thought this was interesting; an original Jensen Healey window sticker from VIN 10980 sold in Ohio when new. Note the exciting list of options ...   05-05-2005 10:57 pm

Engine & Transmission > Cam installation (4 replies - 7094 views)

Judson Manning wrote: Greg, What is the gross lift and duration of the 'flavor' of 104 and 107 cams available in the JHPS store?  I think ...   05-02-2005 10:19 pm

Engine & Transmission > Engine Damper (3 replies - 5728 views)

I've noticed that those dampers are a bit soft. Even when new, you will able to compress it by hand without too much effort, it's ...   05-01-2005 07:16 pm

Engine & Transmission > Cam installation (4 replies - 7094 views)

It's pretty straight forward. You'll be removing the same number of parts in addition removing the cams from the housings and, hopefully, adding new seals ...   04-29-2005 09:09 pm

Carburetors > Carburetors (10 replies - 11779 views)

Judson, you get extra credit for all that tubing! Pretty fancy stuff. I simply ran a hose out of the engine to an aftermarket charcoal ...   04-21-2005 05:26 pm

Ignition > Starter motor turns engine for 5sec then disengages from engine but still spins (3 replies - 20993 views)

This happened on my old JH and is quite common on high mileage Jensen Healeys. This is one of my biggest pet peeves on this ...   04-14-2005 03:53 pm

Body & interior stuff > 1st time carpet install: DMS kit vs.$8 sq. yard marine carpet (7 replies - 11870 views)

I agree, I think the Dynamat Extreme is one of the best items you can add to your JH. If you've ever driven a Jensen ...   04-12-2005 04:31 pm

Engine & Transmission > Valve Shims (5 replies - 18916 views)

There are some listed at the Club Store (I need to add more sizes) at http://www.jhps.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=Warehouse&Product_Code=93613 A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...   04-06-2005 08:23 pm

Suspension > Suspension bolts (13 replies - 12610 views)

I like the SuperPros as they are much closer to the original Metalastik in feel and fit. The cost has gone up a couple times ...   04-05-2005 09:38 pm

Engine & Transmission > Flywheel weight ? (23 replies - 19883 views)

None of this stuff is cheap. The Tilton flywheel was $475 back in the early 90's. Conversion Components in New Zealand also has something for ...   04-01-2005 04:06 pm

Engine & Transmission > Flywheel weight ? (23 replies - 19883 views)

A ran a Tilton aluminum flywheel on my previous JH that was a feathery 7 pounds. The Tiltons, sadly, are long gone but there is ...   03-31-2005 11:27 pm

Carburetors > Dellorto Emulsion Tubes (5 replies - 9964 views)

The 7772.5 emulsion tube is one thing that's pretty much a constant on the JH Dellortos. That's not neccessarily your problem though, you may have ...   03-30-2005 12:35 am

Electrical & Instruments > Signal lenses (3 replies - 5703 views)

Correct front and rear side marker lamp assemblies with new rubber are available from the Club Store. They come as complete units only. They are ...   03-25-2005 04:07 pm

Intro Tech Board stuff > Links on the Message Board (0 replies - 6824 views)

Thanks very much to everyone that's contributed to the Board with posts or links to cool articles. I would like to point out, however, that ...   03-24-2005 03:58 pm

Engine & Transmission > 907 Front and rear main seal tool (0 replies - 4636 views)

The Lotus club is making up some front and rear main seal tools. Lucky for us JH owners, they thought about us at the last ...   03-16-2005 09:06 pm

Intro Tech Board stuff > Join the JH Tech Message Board (0 replies - 10134 views)

Thanks for stopping by the Jensen Healey Preservation Society JH Tech Board, here's how this works- Anyone can view the topics and search for stuff. To post ...   03-16-2005 08:14 pm

Miscellaneous > O-rings (2 replies - 8574 views)

I know the nitrile is the usual choice, but I prefer the Class 1, military grade Viton o-rings- they have exceptional chemical and oil resistance. ...   03-15-2005 04:38 pm

Engine & Transmission > Front and Rear main seals, timing gear removal (6 replies - 7993 views)

Jim makes a good point- these current seals will always be problematic. When I was having difficulties installing the front and rear crank seals, I ...   03-15-2005 03:55 pm

Engine & Transmission > Mufflers (4 replies - 8201 views)

They probably will be. I've found the answer to that is not so much another rear muffler (although it may help), but to add a ...   03-12-2005 03:23 pm

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