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OIl Filler Caps  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 12-02-2007 04:43 am
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Joined: 09-17-2007
Location: San Francisco, California USA
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Hello all,

Anyone know a source for new oil filler caps?  I tried doing a net search and found nothing, not even a Stant or something like that.  Even looked for Lotus equivalents.  The way these where made- two stampings pressed together with the rubber seal held captive (makes it a tall order to seperate and replace the rubber, which is eactly what has failed on mine). 

If these are no longer available, what are people using instead?

I have noticed that the newer valve covers (with the filler in the cover) and the old pre 74 style tank filler cover are exactly the same.



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 Posted: 12-06-2007 06:59 pm
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Jon Plowe

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I sure that 'Paul Matty Sports Cars' here in the uk list  the rubber seal. Have a look on the web site. I think it came out at £1.26. Worth buying just to say that you bought something for a Lotus engine for less than £2!!

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