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Tough going into 1st - not going into reverse - 4spd  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 11-11-2007 02:12 am
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I have a 74 w/ the 4spd tranny (and overdrive which is AWESOME).  It's been a little 'sticky' going into 1st and sometimes 2nd.  No grinding, it just is hard to push in.  I think it seems to get better when the car is warm - but that could be just me.

Now, it's not going into reverse - it grinds.  If I shut off the engine and put it in reverse then start w/ the clutch in - that works fine.  But, I can't put it in reverse w/ the car running. 

I haven't messed with anything yet - as it got worse on my drive this evening.

Clutch adjustment?  I don't think it's synchros - that should just make it come out of gear.  And she stays in gear no problem. 


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 Posted: 11-14-2007 11:54 pm
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Hi Joel,

Your problem sounds very similar to mine which I posted recently, except that I can't get my 4 spd into ANY gear with the engine running. Please post the ultimate diagnosis and solution on the board when you resolve your issue.

I just haven't had a chance yet to pull the transmission out of my car yet to check the clutch, which I am hoping is my problem, and not something internal in the transmission. I will certainly post my findings as well.

I am really intrigued by your overdrive unit, Joel; this is the way I want to go with my car if I decide to spend the money to fix her up really nice.

What overdrive unit do you have? Did you install/adapt it to the JH yourself? If so, how difficult was it? My e-mail is frank.fragale@ihrco.com. I am very interested in any and all information you can share with me regarding an overdrive unit for the JH.

Thanks, and good luck! 

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