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Dan (Florida)

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Is there any profit at all in acquiring old Jensen Healeys and parting them out.  I guess ther are a few owners who come accross these vehicles and accumulate items for the future but don't know if there is anyone who would supply used parts on an as needed basis.  I don't want to turn my back yard into a recycling center, but I hate to see  anything go to waste if there is a need for it.




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I am personally against the idea of acquiring a JH only for the purpose of parting it out, since there are so few of these on the road anyway.  But, if the prices on eBay are any indication, parting out a non-running JH you bought for ~$1000 would make a good return over time.  The critical part, though, is time.  The demand isn't high enough that you could turn the car over quickly, I think. 
There are a few places that seem to have a supply of old JH's and are slowly selling the parts off.  British Masters, for one, seems to always have some parts for sale on eBay.  If you needed some rare, original part that you couldn't get from Delta, one of those places might be able to help you out.



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Bruce Madden, in Atlanta, has parted out more than a dozen JH's and has several more to dismantle in his backyard.  He has a few rebuildable tubs as well.  Bruce has been selling new and used parts for "our cars" for 30 years.  He is a technical advisor and services JH's for a select few.  Doesn't everyone know Bruce (Red Racer)?  brucemadn@gmail.com

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