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2.2L Engine Assembly Progress  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 03-24-2007 06:42 am
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Dan Eiland

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Well folks, my engine is back together but not completely. I'm still working on getting the valve clearances just right and I'm working on the ancillary items. I have an original A/C compressor mount I'm using to mount my new Sanden A/C compressor. I'm also using a Lotus three belt crank pulley. The compressor sits too far forward right now so this still needs work. I may have the machine shop with the CNC machine make me a custom-made crank pulley. That would solve the problem. If I could figure out a way to mount the compressor so the mount is to the front of the compressor ears I think this would work. This would push the compressor back just enough so the pullies align. As it is right now this will not work, bolts on the compressor interfere with the placement of the mount to the front of the compressor ears. Besides the issues with mounting the A/C compressor most of the engine is finished. I really can't do any of the plumbing until the engine is back in the car so I know where all my oil lines will go as well as the A/C hoses, cooling hoses and heater hoses. I had the water port added to the back of the head and I have a port on the back of the Dellorto manifold. I have been told to block off the one in the intake manifold but I was thinking of using that one to hook up to the heater valve. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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