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Electromotive Ignition.  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 05-22-2006 03:32 am
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Paul Koehler

Joined: 04-06-2005
Location: Malone, New York USA
Posts: 90
Was wondering if Pete of Yelodog fame, or anyone else with the experience, could share their thoughts on the Electromotive "distributorless" ignition system.  Now that it has been in service for some time, are there any issues with the system, that could not be resolved to your satisfaction, and given the choice, would you do it again?

Just thinking out loud, but if your having issues with your current distributor or just want to replace it with a rebuilt unit from the Club Store, and then start adding a Petronix system, and the MSD or Crane  hardware, your well on your way toward being in the Electromotive ballpark, dollarwise. Then modifying the distributor for use with 40 or 45 Dells, making adjustments in the PIA location  vs. the relative ease of working on the Electromotive unit (in Yelodog's case) - it starts to look even better.

Ok, there is some fabrication envolved, and machine shop work, and it is a pretty darn expensive package to add to a sports car, whose value we all wish would appreciate a little faster, but is there any more downside?


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 Posted: 05-24-2006 06:08 pm
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Greg Fletcher

Joined: 03-11-2005
Location: Lake Nacimiento, California USA
Posts: 426
I've never installed an Electromotive ignition myself, but I have seen one local JH nearby that had it. The owner was very excited about the performance increase, silky smooth idle and durability. It is a bit of messing around to get a project like this going with some custom fabrication needed and it's not cheap. I think he said be paid close to $2K for everything (he said it was worth the money, but that's relative I suppose). That was 10 years ago and it could very well be less now. He used a laptop PC to dial in all the adjustments (required back then)- I've heard that's not necessary any longer with the improved units that are out now.

For me, this would be one of those projects I'd do after everything else was upgraded and spot-on. In the Club Store, a remanufactured, stock, distributor is $239, or $323 with a Pertronix (with or without vacuum retard capsule) and it only requires a recheck of the timing as you would do at a tune up, so it really is a jump to an Electromotive set up.

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