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Tim Murphy

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How do you bypass the seat belt electrical system?

There is a round, multi-holed socket that I believe is part of the seat belt warning system. If I remember correctly, the system can be bypassed by connecting a jumper between two of the numbered female sockets. What are the numbers of the sockets that are connected together?

Also, are the seat belt wires on the floorboards that normally are under the seats left separated and taped up or are they connected together?

The previous owner had modified the whole starter/ignition system in order to bypass the seat belt system. I now need to get it back to a stock but functioning form.

Thanks, Tim Murphy 74JH 17303

Mark Rosenbaum

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The simplest way of altering things so the infamous seat belt interlock module won't keep your car from starting is to connect together pins 11 and 12 on the round connector.  This connects the START position of the ignition switch to the coil of the starting relay.  Then, when the ignition switch is turned to the START  position, the relay energizes and connects +12 volts to the starter solenoid, which powers up the starter so it can crank the engine.

As far as the seat belt and seat bottom switches are concerned, for US cars, these are wired up as shown in the Delta Motorsports wiring diagram.  The driver's and passenger's door switches, and the parking brake switch, are also connected to the module, so you may have a fair amount of work ahead of you.


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