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Frank Schwartz

I wonder if anyone has used and installed, or has a kit that was featured in the Jensen Bulletin  J/H 73-12 for supposedly curing the leaks in the top fittings.  The kit is Part #94029.  I have the Service Bulletin with the instructions afd list of parts and possibly could fabricate the parts if I had more information, etc.   Picture #4 in the copy I have is very poor and if anyone has a good copy of this particular drawing it would be a great help as well.

Dave Sollish

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I have had good luck making a custom seal for that area using silicone RTV. I first covered the top of the door window and windshield with plastic wrap. Then I packed the silicone into the area of the soft top that makes contact with the window/windshield. I used black silicone as my top is also black. Lock the top down as normal, smooth the silicone squeeze out (like you were caulking a tub) and let cure. Note: when you smooth out the silicone that you need to leave clearance to open the door with the top on so no overhang on the outside of the door. When cured open top, peel away the plastic wrap and you're done!

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