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The Shark  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 02-28-2006 01:09 pm
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Joined: 02-22-2006
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
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Was wondering how the "The Shark" was going?  I take a peek in the picture gallery about once a week with great curiosity to see if we have new pictures.  Just a gentle reminder that some of us are rather addicted to your rebuild.


Joey Dean

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 Posted: 02-28-2006 03:57 pm
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Is there a way to see the recent additions to the Photo Gallery, like the recent messages on the board?

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 Posted: 03-06-2006 11:47 am
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Hi Joey,

Thanks for your interest in The Shark!! I just arrived yesterday from a 3 weeks holiday in Thailand, so i haven't done much to the car to be honest :(

I do have new pictures which i haven't posted yet on the jhppg.com though. I'll you know when i uploaded them. Before i went on holiday i have mounted all new brake pipes and fuel pipe.

I hooked up The Shark's front to a hoist and the Toyota 5sp gbox is ready to be mated to its 2.2L engine. I have to pick up a new LOTUS clutch cover as i seem to have a wrong one. When that is done, the engine will be dropped in, which is a fairly easy job.

When the engine is back in, i can role the car outside and DYNAMAT the floors. Inside i do not have enough space to this job properly

I'm now wondering where to mount the MSD6A in the engine bay and i'm looking for SFS silicone cooling hoses and stainless steel braided fuel hoses to dress up the engine bay.

Meantime i have bought 4 chrome speaker covers the very same ones as the Jensen GT ones!! they look fantastic. (bought them at Rejen Sales UK)

I will put a message on the board when i have posted the new pictures.


Erik, Netherlands

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