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 Posted: 03-23-2005 02:27 pm
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Jim Ketcham

Joined: 03-13-2005
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The restoration of JH 17948 is essentially complete.  I will post pictures in the photo gallery shortly.  The last hurdle was overcoming an external coolant leak from the head gasket in my new 2.2l stroker rebuild (JHPS stroker crank and Garry Kemp 107 cams and HTD sprockets).  Thanks to Greg, a very fine application of high temp silicone along the block rails solved the leak problem.  An expensive experiment, with head gaskets at $100 each.  The 2.2 does sound awesome, though. 

Of note:  I used the "Austrailian" head gasket supplied by Delta instead of the Lotus Goetz head gasket.  The only differences I could discern are that the Delta gasket is a little thinner(~.06x vs. ~.07x), uses a metal compression ring around the oil gallery hole instead of the Viton ring, and has a silicone bead around the perimeter on only the block side versus both sides of the Goetz gasket.   One additional application difference is that I used the Lotus torque angle procedure instead of just torque.  I do not believe the torque angle procedure made a difference and do not think it is worth the trouble.

Next step is to tune the Dellorto 45 carbs.  I just received my new Motion Pro Carb Manometers and will atttempt to follow John Kimbrough's tuning guide.  Thanks to all who offered guidance throughout the challenge.



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