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Possible eBay fraud 21 Nov 2005  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 11-21-2005 04:25 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

Joined: 03-12-2005
Location: Kingman, Arizona USA
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Came across what appears to be an attempt to acquire eBay user
names and passwords for some nefarious purpose.  I sent the email
below to the eBay security folks:

"Item number(s): 4592371282

"This item claims to be from eBay UK and alleges to be selling a
Jensen Healey car but photo is of a young woman.  Clicking on
item redirects to a fairly good replica of the normal eBay
sign-in screen, and claiming to be a secure site (but the little
'lock' icon does not appear).  This appears to be a fairly well
done attempt to acquire user names and passwords.

"With my computer set to 'full security' mode I instead see a
standard eBay UK vehicle data screen that's not filled in, the
enlarged photo of the woman (who BTW is rather ugly as well as
essentially nude), and a single line of text relating to a
motorcycle not a car.  On this screen the item number displays as

"Suggest you delete this entry and ban its poster for life.  The
poster's head on a pike would be even better."

If anyone should identify the culprit, a severe and thorough
thrashing would be quite appropriate.  Sadly, it's probably
illegal nowadays to place heads on pikes.  Pity.

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