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Jensen Healey, Jensen GT air conditioning units  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 08-30-2005 08:14 pm
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Over the past 4-5 years that I have been a member of JHPS I have followed the market place and e-bay listing for vehicles listed for sale. During that time I've seen a dozen or so GTS and  JHs with dealer added A/C units that have come onto the block.  I can not recall a single vechilce in which these units were working.

I was curious, do these things actually work on the 907 engine and can you run that engine for extended periods of time in 100 degree weather without overheating?

Does the unit work well enough to keep the enterior temperature at a comfortable lever?

Any comments or observations would be appreciated

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 Posted: 08-31-2005 10:00 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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I have personally witnessed one Jensen Healey roadster and one GT that had functional air conditioning, so I can state for the record that A/C on the Jensen is not just an urban legend. Some JH owners discussed this at one of the recent get-togethers. My feeling is that A/C is not a big priority for most owners, BUT, if an owner did want to have a functional A/C system I think it would be worth the time to ditch the outdated and feeble system it came with (which would need to be completely replaced by now anyways) in favor of a modern, compact A/C system that uses R-134a refrigerants adapted from another car, preferably something inexpensive from a junk yard. Findnig a small compressor and condenser would be a big plus. I met someone that did this to his TR6 and he loved it.

I think it might be a cool science project myself, but I haven't had time to really look into it as yet. Naturally, it would be prefered to have that 2.2 stroker engine and big valve head already installed so we don't feel like the A/c is robbing us of vital horsepower.

Some of the major components needed include

• New A/C hoses and evaporator assembly.

• A receiver dryer to remove moisture from the system.

• Compressor assembly with a clutch and a bracket for mounting the assembly onto the engine. One would need the necessary fasteners, a belt-tensioner, and belt set up to drive it.

• Condenser assembly (looks like a small radiator) contains refrigerant. This part becomes extremely hot during operation, and is mounted at the front of the car.

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 Posted: 09-01-2005 01:37 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497

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And dont forget that double pulley off the crank, GT's and JH's with the pollution plumbing have them, you could mount the compressor were the air pump use to be, (not sure were a GT's compressor is).


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