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Bad Transmission rear bearing for the 4 speed  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 12-12-2023 01:22 am
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Hi Guys,

So after many months of struggling to figure out why my, rebuilt by a local high end classic car restoration shop, transmission would not stay in 2nd gear (Thanks so much to Bruce Madden for helping me to figure it out) it comes down to a 16nth of an inch. My "high end" restoration shop installed the replacement bearing https://www.123bearing.com/bearing-housing/other-bearings/402082-skf.

Turns out, that bearing is off by a 16nth of an inch where the circlip sits and THAT IS enough to allow the shaft to drift back and forth during shifting and and cause it to jump out of 2nd gear.

I pulled the transmission Back out of my car, In my garage, took it Completely appart, Finally learned how a syncro transmission works and With the help of Bruce Madden, figured out what the problem was and then put it All back together with an Original rear bearing that Bruce had. Now it shifts beautifully and holds in all gears.

Wow! What a learning experience :)(

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 Posted: 12-13-2023 01:30 pm
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In a transmission a 16th of an inch can be a chasm a "high end" shop would have known that. They probably wouldn't take the trouble to source the correct bearing and just used pretty close and hoped for the best. Since you had to correct the problem (with the help of Bruce) yourself it sounds like the high end shop doesn't stand behind their work. I'm guessing the only thing "high end" about that shop is the prices they charge. In any case I'm glad to hear you solved the problem.

I found the phrase "learning experience" is a nice way to say "just took an ass whipping".

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