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 Posted: 04-09-2021 01:12 pm
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I would like to update new stock steering wheel. Can someone advise me on what size of splined adapter I need and who supplies them. also, can I use a 14" (350mm) wheel over the current 15" (380mm). What about going to a horn button on steering wheel as option.

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 Posted: 04-12-2021 08:49 pm
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Le Carra seems to still be around and there is always new old stock available from Moto Lita in Britain, you might also check out the British Ebay.

I think all JH's have the same spline connector, held by a single nut. You need an adaptor that goes from the spline to whatever steering wheel pattern you want. It would be referred to as a Jensen Healey adaptor.

When it comes to period wheels, you have a huge selection available. 13, 14, 15" is available, as well as many styles of wrapped leather, wood, and plastic. They generally come in 6 hole and 9 hole patterns. The 9 hole pattern seems to work a little better on the JH in my opinion because it is a larger diameter flange, and therefore the adaptor has more room to make a transition. Most of the JH adaptors I have seen have this 9 hole pattern.

Delta Motorsports in Arizona might still have the original Moto Lita made adaptor, I know because I bought one about a year ago from him.

The horn is a bit of a PITA. I just put a button on the dash. Le Carra and Moto Lita (as well as what appear to be a bunch of knock offs) sell either straight up solid covers or covers set up as horn buttons. The problem is wiring the button, which I never had the patience to attempt. You might need some kind of coiled and expanding wire and a plan to put it into the stock harness.

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 Posted: 04-13-2021 01:58 am
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I have a La Carra steering wheel, I used the adapter available from La Carra. It's a straight swap with the original. I'm not sure why you'd want to put a horn button on the adapter, the original location on the turn signal stalk works just fine.

I have a 14" La Carra but if I was doing it over I'd go with the 13". The Jensen-Healey steering is light enough for the smaller wheel and the 13" will give you more room.

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