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Lower suspension Arm Bushings loose?  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 02-22-2020 05:22 pm
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Ralph H

Joined: 03-13-2018
Location: 1974 Jensen Healey # 15681, New Brunswick Canada
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Hi All
I was installing the rear trailing arm Bushings today (Acquired from Martin Robey) and ran into a problem on the very last one. The two bushes in the the two upper arms and two bushes in the first lower arm snugged into place easily with a little bit of grease using a large vice and some persuasion. On the second lower arm the first bush slipped in easier than the others but was still snug and the last bushing dropped right thru the opening. It would appear the bush is fine (same as others) but the opening is several thousands of an inch too large???? This will obviously lead to rattling around much noise and annoyance.

Anybody out there have any suggestions on a fix for this? I think it is too small for a full sleeve. I thought of putting the bushing in and deforming the tube with a couple well placed hammer blows? How about slipping in narrow pieces of very very thin steel????
Any and all suggestions welcome Thanks

I do have a fall back position in that the parts I have cleaned up and painted and installed the bushing on are from my parts car and I do have the original arms still in place on the car. I would remove them and clean one up and reinstall the bushings on this assuming it will be without issue. = more work

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 Posted: 02-23-2020 01:10 am
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With all the ones I have rebuilt, I've never had that problem, but if I did, I have plenty of very good used ones(even a few N.O.S. ones).
You'll likely want to use your "good" trailing arms, but use me as a backup should you desire.

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