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 Posted: 05-25-2018 09:02 pm
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I am starting a resurrection of a 1974 Jensen Healy #14932. I had my first lesson with the gas tank. I saw a pinhole leak and took it to a local radiator shop for repair. Of course he could do it. 2 weeks later after seeing and helping him work on it I have no faith that it is any better than when I took it in. I am delivering it to the Stockton Gas Tank Renu this week for their treatment without installing or testing it.

In reading the posts I see my second lesson coming. My tank has one fitting (tube) coming out of the neck of the vacuum breaking apparatus on top of the tank and one from the brass attachment. The one from the top(brass) goes to the carbon canister. The other to a hose going through the floor and dumping under the car. Everything I read and see in photos says there are 2 fittings and hoses from the neck of this apparatus: the dump line and the one with the check valve in it “T'ed” off the pressure(engine) side of the fuel pump. Can I just put a T off of the existing one outlet in the neck and connect both the “dump” line and “check valve” line to it. I plan on plumbing a generic Check valve for gas into the line I am adding to my present set-up. To my knowledge there is no OEM or close available.

Question #2- The fuel pump is an A.C.Delco “Model 12V EP12 and 8-84” stamped into the brass top. I assume this says it is 12 volts and 12lbs pressure made in 1984. The former owner recently told me the last time he tried to start it “it spewed gas from the carburetors”. The forum talks about the Strombergs liking 3 to 5 lbs. Is this fuel pump going to put out too much pressure for them? I drove the car once when it ran 20 years ago with this fuel pump and had no problems for a short 200 mile day trip.

Thanks, Rich

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 Posted: 05-26-2018 02:08 am
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The Zenith-Stromberg carbs (and Dellorto) like 1.5 to 2.5 psi. Anything in excess of 3.8 will probably cause problems from running rich to "spewing gas".

I know nothing about the AC Delco EP12, but the one For Sale ad I followed said it puts out 6 psi. That is too high for either the Z-S or Dellorto carbs. If you plan to continue using it, then install an adjustable, inline fuel pressure regulator as close to the carb inlets as possible, and set it to 2.5 psi.

Tim Engel

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 Posted: 05-26-2018 05:33 pm
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Hi Rich,

I sent a PM to you regrading a stock fuel tank I have that I'm not using. It's fairly clean (sat for many years with fuel in it). I had it in a running car and replaced it when I found an aluminum one.

I saw you mention Stockton - I assume in CA, and I'm not far away.


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