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Good evening, all -

I'm a new owner of a '73 Jensen Healey.  It's in need of a replacement bonnet - ideally.  Might anyone have a straight/rust free one available out there?  I'm in St. Paul, MN.

Feel free to email me (pics ideally?) at aaron.courteau@gmail.com, or text me at 651 - two 7 four - 6 two 6 five.

Thanks for the time and consideration!



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Have about 15, but none in "perfect" condition(cost for that one would be over $1000)
If you still have yours and the main problem is "the bend"(where the opener attaches) that can be fixed very nicely(first time I saw that done was on Clay Gleason's car, Seattle, WA).
Last decent one I sold was about 3 years ago for over $600(and had to be shipped by truck,or a special individual delivery service).


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The problem on this message board is nobody ever follows up to let us know how it turned out, that would be very helpful to others who have the same problem.

I just recently had the same problem, a badly banged up hood, not just the crease but that was the worst. The PO repaired the crease with a large hammer and lots of bondo. This hood was the second one on the car. After looking around I decided repairing it was the best option. I stripped it and moved as much metal as I could back to it's original location, this allowed me to smooth it out with as little bondo as possible. It was a long process but I'm pleased with the results. I figured any replacement hood I could find would still need some repair and wouldn't be cheap.

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