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Trying to identify heat sources into the cockpit. I took out the center console and was wondering if anyone has tried to use a rubber shifter boot UNDER the leather boot. Many other British cars have a similar set up where a flexible rubber boot is affixed to the top of the transmission tunnel and the leather boot floats above the rubber one. At present, the opening in the tunnel just allows hot air to migrate up into the leather boot. In looking at the Delta site it does not appear that a rubber boot under the leather was every used. I'm not interested in the original type set up they had in the Mk Is. If anyone has been successful in installing a rubber boot I would appreciate you thoughts/advice and maybe part numbers!

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I have used for my GT BMW e36 balg.

Number - 8

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I can't give you any part numbers, but I have done exactly that plus put Duramat by Eastwood around the opening and I get zero heat from the engine compartment into the cockpit. Just find a stick boot out of rubber that fits and then slip the leather cover around and over it and then replace the center council. Fairly simple job to do. I will try to post a pic of finished project on this thread tomorrow.


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Yes, heat in the left side(driver's side for us in the USA) of the cockpit can be annoying. There was a piece of foam about 6 inches square by 2 inches thick with cross cut in it for the stick shift that sat on top of the tm. This prevented some heat but you will need to get creative as Randall has done to get more protection(especially in the footwell on those hot summer days)

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