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Carbs or Fuel Pump Issues - 2.2L Stroker  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 10-03-2016 04:19 pm
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We finally found out what was causing the problem on my @13046 with the Delorttos and 2.2 Stroker Crank. Found out that the forward set of carbs was a little low on the fuel reservoir, This is fed by the needle valve and so we tried to adjust the float and still had the problem, Then we found out that there is a very small filter ahead of the needle valve that was plugged with debris. I cleaned the filter and restarted, Problem solved, the car has been running perfectly. We rebalanced the carbs and did a very slight adjustment on the fuel air mixture using an O2 sensor just being the exhause manifold collector.

Life is again good until next time. Installing the replacement speedometer cable today and later this week will real the cam covers and complete that installation of the Accusump. Still looking for solutions to the tach issues with the Pertronix system. More reading ahead.

This weekend will attend the San Diego British Car Show.. Think there will be over 200 cars there.

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