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When starting my Jensen after it sits for a day or so I have to pull the choke to start it up. I have thought it may be an issue with the Dells. Now I think it may be a prob with the ignition. I have an MSD box, blaster coil and electronic ignition.

When I turn the key to the on position I noticed the volt meter slowly moves to 12+ volts over a min and 30 seconds time. Then the car started right up without the choke.

I thought maybe the internals of the MSD box may not be working well. Knowing the MSD is a capacitive discharge unit thought it may be taking its time to store up charge to use.

Has anyone had this issue or any thoughts?


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I've got the exact same setup and this seems strange. I don't think its the MSD as that shouldn't affect the voltmeter, and I think they actually operate down to 9V.
Bad earth somewhere? I would check the earths and MSD +12V first. Or maybe the battery is on its way out- does it crank readily or is it getting tired?

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