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Frank Schwartz

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Working on a friends JH and we replace the coil with a Blaster (MSD) coil and the recommended resistor and used a Pertronix unit in the distributor. All went well until the car just went dead after only 50 miles. Replaced the coil and checked the resistor. Still absolutely no spark. Took the Pertronix unit back to the retailer who graciously gave me another and said that they rarely failed. I also, never had one fail, however, this one seemed to fit closer inside the distributor to the rotating magnet unit. Nonetheless, when I installed the unit and turned the key, the car started instantly and I found that it now had a ferocious spark. Therefore, I found the original Pertronix unit I purchased was defective and a replacement unit solved the problem....
I wonder if anyone ever had a Pertronix unit fail.

Finally, I now have a problem wioth idling which is varying and not good. I suspect an air leak somewhere.


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I think the old Ignitors had a habit of going up in smoke if the ignition was left on for any amount of time without the engine running, but I think that was fixed. The Ignitor II is supposed to be immune, at least.


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