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 Posted: 08-12-2015 05:38 pm
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Has anyone ever looked up "automotive handling " in Wikipedia and read the somewhat slanderous comments about the Jensen GT.?
It would appear that the author has missed out on the delightful handling of the 304 AMC Gremlin of the same era.

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 Posted: 08-13-2015 05:28 am
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Slanderous perhaps, factually incorrect definitely! Has anyone ever seen a GT (or Healey for that matter) with an aluminium exhaust manifold? It would be interesting to see copies of the Motor magazine and Road & Track road tests referred to in the Wikipedia text - perhaps there were fair comments from motoring journos at the time that the GT had lost some of the fun factor because of increased weight and an increasingly emissions strangled engine. But it seems a big stretch to mention the GT in the same bracket as the Corvair. And to not give the MGC a mention!

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