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What a great little car to race.  But in 24 Hours of Lemons???  Are we crazy?
Nope.  With a couple of years of Lemons racing a V6 Mustang, we decided to take the next big step, and get a little car.  Well not quite get.  Two of our team members have, or should I say had a JH street machine.  One not mine ended it's life 18 inches deep into a tree, totaling the car.  But the drive train barely got touched and ended up in a spare parts car, a basic rust bucket, but good enough to turn into "Goldmember".  Check us out by going to Facebook and search "OLD CROWS RACING".
We are quite competitive even at our rather senior age.  It's great fun and believe it or not we are not the only JH in the fray.  We are faster, but Jensen Healeys are very fickle little cars and must be treated with more respect.  And in Lemons, there is no respect.
Basically we are stock accept the Dellorto's and a 15 gallon fuel cell.
The car handles quite well, but the brakes "Big Brakes" suck, even compared the the 1996 V6 Mustang.  If anybody has some ideas about better brakes be great to hear from you.
Yes...that's Sonoma Raceway/Infenion/Sears Point.


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I'm racing a JH in Europe and experiencing the same issues with the brakes. Even with racing pads they are inadequate.
BCC seem to make a bolt-on solution for 4-piston caliphers that will fit racing pads as well - won't cure the overheating but will get you better bite - they look much like the solution previously provided by JHPS

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